I will appear at your home, office, backyard bbq, the street corner of your choosing, any event and/or space at all, fully outfitted as a clown, or dressed in the ensemble of your choosing, and piddle myself.

No gimmicks here - No fake urine, no trickles. You get a completely full bladder, ready to be emptied for the amusement of all.

In addition, I'm a SideShow Performer so I can piddle while hammering a nail up my nose, sticking my hand into an animal trap, eating fire, or any of the sideshow acts you remember from when the word "freak" was not on the banned list.

Please inquire as to rates, availability, package options, and Department of Health regulations in your town, by clicking here.

This is not a joke, although you may wish it were.

Mention this website and receive 10% off the "bursting" package.

Willing to humiliate & and piddle myself for your pleasure and amusement. love to all - Piddles

Once seen never forgotten

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